Privacy Policy

This notice (Privacy Notice) tells you how we handle your user data when you install the Spreadsheet Daddy add-on for Google Sheets™—advanced AI-driven productivity and automation tool for Google Sheets™.

We are ECLIPSIVE EOOD, registered in Bulgaria with company number 207335117 with our registered address at Bansko, 2770, 13/A Glazne str., fl. 2, ap. 3 (“Spreadsheet Daddy”, “we”, “us” or “our”).

If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice or the way that we use information, please get in touch using the following details:
    – Email address:
    – Postal address: Bansko, 2770, 13/A Glazne str., fl. 2, ap. 3

This notice sets out what information we collect about you, what we use it for and whom we share it with. It also explains your rights under data protection laws and what to do if you have any concerns about your personal data.


App’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

The User Data We Collect

For all users of the Spreadsheet Daddy add-on, we are the controller of your information (which means we decide what information we collect and how it is used).

Personal data means any information which does (or could be used to) identify a living person. We have grouped together the types of personal data that we collect, and where we receive it from, below.

  • Identity Information: This encompasses details like your first name, last name, gender, and birthdate.
  • Contact Information: This covers your phone numbers, physical addresses, and email addresses.
  • Promotional Preferences: This pertains to your choices regarding receiving promotional materials and other communications from us.
  • Payment Details: This includes specifics like the name associated with your payment methods and your invoicing address.
  • Banking Information: This refers to details such as your bank account number and routing code.
  • Purchase Records: This documents the history and specifics of transactions you’ve made for our offerings or goods.

We do not gather or store any sensitive types of personal information about you, which includes data related to your racial or ethnic background, beliefs, personal relationships, sexual preferences, political views, association with unions, health records, or any genetic and biometric details. Additionally, we do not maintain records related to criminal offenses or convictions.

Under the GDPR, several valid grounds permit the gathering and processing of Personal Data. We predominantly base our data collection on the following principles:

  • “Consent”: There are times when we’re allowed to gather your Personal Data, for instance, when you actively agree to receive our email updates, or when you choose to join a specific service.
  • “Contractual Needs”: To honor our agreements and provide you with the designated service, we may need specific details from you.
  • “Mandatory Legal Requirements”: Certain legal mandates necessitate that we gather and process specific data categories, like instances involving fraud or other illicit activities.
  • “Genuine Business Needs”: There might be scenarios where we require specific details from you to serve our genuine business requirements. This involves functions intrinsic to our business operations that don’t majorly infringe upon your rights, liberty, or interests. For instance, we might need your address for delivery purposes or your name to maintain communication records.

Third Parties We Can Share Data With

To streamline user account management, we use Google Sign-In. Our add-on uses the simple and secure OAuth 2 protocol to get data from the user’s Google account and does not have access to your account password.

To execute AI prompts supplied by the user using the user’s personal information, we use OpenAI.

Our app only uses data necessary for AI model tasks. Data is sourced from user prompts or selected cells in the Spreadsheet. It’s then converted to the proper API format for AI processing and response delivery. We are requesting this data to give users AI help in their Spreadsheets, according to Google API Services User Data Policy.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us via email at 

How We Use User Data

We are required to identify a legal justification (also known as a lawful basis) for collecting and using your personal data. There are six legal justifications which organisations can rely on. The most relevant of these to us are where we use your personal data to:

    – do something for which you have given your consent.

Below is the lawful basis we rely on when we use your personal data. If we intend to use your personal data for a new reason that is not listed below, we will update our Privacy Notice.


    – Where you have provided your consent to providing us with information or allowing us to use or share your information.

    – Where you have consented to receive marketing material from us.

Where we need to collect your personal data (for example, in order to fulfill a contract we have with you), failure to provide us with your personal data may mean that we are not able to provide you with the services. 

Where we do not have the information required about you to fulfill an order, we may have to cancel the service order.

As far as the technical side of using your data, we do the following:

Data Collection:

  • From selected cells and ranges: Our add-on allows users to select specific cells and ranges within spreadsheets to be used as input data for generating AI responses. We only collect the data that you actively select and provide to us for this purpose.
  • As manually entered text: Users can also manually enter the text as input data for the AI response generation. This data is collected when you enter and submit it through our sidebar.

Data Usage:

  • Selected data only: We use the data you provide explicitly for generating AI responses. The selected cells, ranges, or manually entered text are processed to generate relevant AI responses based on the context you provided.

Purpose of Data Collection:

  • Generate AI Response: The data collected, such as selected cells, ranges, or manually entered text, is used solely for the purpose of generating AI responses. This allows us to provide you with tailored AI-generated content that matches the input data you provided.

How Long We Keep Your User Data

When we serve as the data processor, we maintain your personal details just as long as required to fulfill the intended purposes.

To pinpoint how long your data stays with us (what we might call its ‘retention period’), we ponder over a few things:

  • The data’s nature, size, and sensitivity.
  • Any risks that might arise if things go awry.
  • The necessity of that specific data for our goals or if we can opt for other methods (like using summarized data).
  • And, of course, the legal guidelines we must adhere to in Bulgaria.

Items like your personal identification, contact information, and specific exchanges (like emails or other forms of messages) could be stored for up to seven years after our collaboration ends.

When you explore our website, know that the data captured by our tracking tools is kept just long enough to meet its gathering objectives.

If you’ve requested info or have subscribed to our updates, we’ll keep you in the loop until you tell us to stop.

Your Legal Rights

We will handle your data with utmost respect and only access it as permitted by legal standards.

Unless you indicate otherwise, expect to hear from us with updates and promotional content. Occasionally, we might also introduce you to products or services tailored to your interests.

We commit to using your Personal Data strictly for the reasons it was initially gathered. However, if there’s a genuine need to utilize it differently, but still aligned with the original intent, we will do so. For clarity on how this new processing aligns with the initial purpose, feel free to reach out.

For any uses of your Personal Data that deviate from the original intent, we’ll keep you in the loop and clarify the legal grounding for such actions.

Be aware that there could be instances where we might process your Personal Data as mandated or allowed by law, even without direct notification or your explicit approval.

We are always open to inquiries or suggestions from individuals concerning their Personal Data. In line with legal requirements, we grant individuals the rights to view, modify, limit, and delete their Personal Data as specified by the relevant regulations. They also have the option to challenge the management of their Personal Data and to assert their data transfer rights.

  • Right of Access: Spreadsheet Daddy will grant individuals the right to view their Personal Data, shedding light on the processing purposes, data categories being managed, types of recipients, retention durations, and any rights to correct, limit, or delete their accessed data.
  • Data Transfer Right: We may share a structured and usable copy of the Personal Data we store, ensuring that individuals can exercise their data portability rights when legally appropriate.
  • Correction Right: Individuals have the option to suggest edits, updates, or removals for any Personal Data that appears outdated, erroneous, or incomplete.
  • Deletion Right: Individuals can advocate for the removal of their Personal Data under certain circumstances, such as when the data is redundant, consent is withdrawn, objections are raised, the data handling is illicit, or when legal mandates demand erasure. Spreadsheet Daddy will responsibly inform other units within Spreadsheet Daddy about any such erasures.
  • Limitation Right: Individuals can ask for a limitation on their Personal Data for various reasons, like disputing its accuracy, preferring limitation over removal, retaining data for legal defense, or pending objections and subsequent verifications of Spreadsheet Daddy’s legitimate justifications.
  • Consent Retraction Right: If the data management is grounded in an individual’s consent, they can revoke this consent at any point, ensuring that prior consent-based actions remain lawful.
  • Objection Right: Individuals can register their disagreement regarding the processing of their Personal Data under several conditions:
    • for marketing or detailed profiling purposes,
    • to prevent the dissemination of their data to third parties or within Spreadsheet Daddy,
    • or when the management is anchored on Spreadsheet Daddy’s valid interests, barring strong legitimate reasons provided by Spreadsheet Daddy which take precedence over individual interests or are essential for legal defenses.
  • Posthumous Digital Directives: Individuals reserve the right to establish guidelines, whether broad or specific, concerning the handling of their personal data following their demise.

Consent Screen Breakdown

Here’s a summary of the permissions that the add-on requires in the consent screen if you decide to install the add-on.

🔵See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets. The data from Spreadsheet is used to generate an AI response and return the response. There are several ways the add-on can retrieve data:
* as a prompt entered in the sidebar,
* as a value read from cells and ranges that were set in the sidebar,
* as a parameter from a custom formula.
The add-on only reads data that was set by the user. No other Spreadsheet’s data is used or modified.

Some add-on modules also write values to the Sheet. The add-on only writes results to the range, specified by the user.

The “SpreadsheetDaddy” add-on module may accomplish automated tasks based on the user prompt. Sample tasks are:
* paint duplicates
* merge cells preserving cell values.
The add-on will generate and run the code based on user prompt.

Add-on provides custom functions, used by users in Spreadsheet. These functions let users get information from AI based on the content and prompts entered in Sheets. The add-on needs to read data from the sheet and to write formulas. 

➡️Connect to an external service. The add-on needs to connect to Open AI using the Apps Script fetch method. The add-on sends user prompts to AI to generate responses. The add-on will:
1. Read user prompt from a sidebar and/or from Spreadsheet cells,
2. Send user prompts to the AI servers using the Apps Script URL fetch method,
3. Receive AI response,
4. and put the response in Sheet’s cells.
Steps 2 and 3 show why the add-on needs to connect to an external AI service.

External fetch service may be used to store the information about the user, checking the user’s payment status.

The add-on may send statistics about the actions of all users. These statistics are needed to analyze the most used features and improve the add-on. User statistics will not hold user data or information from Sheets or prompts. It will contain the user’s actions and features used.

🔵Allow this application to run when you are not present. This will allow the add-on to run AI tasks on a schedule. The user will not have to wait until the task is completed but will be able to close the add-on and return later when all tasks are ready.

➡️Send email as you. 🔵Send email on your behalf. The “SpreadsheetDaddy” add-on module can accomplish different tasks based on user prompts, including sending emails. One important flow is sending an email containing information from a table. The add-on will accomplish this task:
1. Read data from a range
2. Convert this data to HTML-format
3. Send this to the user-specified email address.

➡️Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications. This permission is needed to show the user interface in the Google Sheets sidebar.

➡️See your primary Google Account email address. We need this information to associate verify that you’re the user of our add-on.

➡️See your personal info, including any personal info you’ve made publicly available. This encompasses any data you feed into our add-on to run AI prompts.

➡️Associate you with your personal info on Google. Know who you are on Google and associate you with the personal info you have made public to streamline user account management.

The Spreadsheet Daddy add-on rebrands to Synterrix. Click here to learn more.