11 Best☝️ Free Google Sheets Wedding Budget Templates for 2023

Planning for your wedding date should be an exciting journey, not one filled with angst about whether you can afford the wedding of your dreams. 

This is where having a budget you can rely on can help to ease some of these worries, especially if you can come in close to your total budget whilst still affording most, if not everything, you desire on your wedding day. 

Having a document you can tweak as often as needed is helpful too, as things tend not to always go as planned. With a customizable Google Sheet wedding budget template, you can get on with wedding planning without worrying that any information will be lost, misplaced, or simply forgotten about. And many of these are completely free to use. 

Check out the list below of some of the best free wedding planning spreadsheets that’ll have you accurately recording every last expense as you count down to the big day! For other use cases, browse our collection of 50+ free budgeting templates for Google Sheets.

1. Free Wedding Budget Template

Wedding Budget Template

Designed by Michelle Rago

Wedding budgets can often come with unforeseen expenses. Fortunately, the Wedding Budget Estimator Template provides a free wedding budget template that gives you an overview based on how much you’d like to contribute to each individual expense percentage-wise and what this translates to in dollars. 

The Wedding Budget Estimator is free to use and is an excellent tool to use if you want to get a broad overview of how much money you are allocating to each wedding category, so you can tweak and adjust it where necessary.

2. Simple Printable Wedding Budget Template

Free printable budget template

Designed by Spreadsheet Daddy

The Simple Printable Wedding Budget Template by Spreadsheet Daddy is another one of the many free and easy-to-use Google sheets available online that is also completely customizable. It provides you with a basic framework that you can personalize with your unique wedding expenses, all on one easily accessible template.

3. Destination Wedding Budget Template

Destination Wedding Budget Template

Designed by Destiland

The Destiland wedding budget template is a spreadsheet that can help you plan your wedding day budget down to a tee. The advantage of its built-in formulas is that it allows you to see your actual spend versus your budgeted amount to see where any shortfalls lie.

This eye-opening budget is useful for budgeting as accurately as possible for your wedding day, in addition to giving you a bird’s eye view of where you need to plan more carefully.

4. Wedding Budget Calculator Template

Wedding budget calculator

Designed by Smartsheet

The Smartsheet wedding budget calculator is one budgeting spreadsheet not to forgo if you want a comprehensive report that will allow you to track your spending while also guiding you on where to save to reach your budgeting goals. This spreadsheet by Smartsheet is also free to use and is easy to use to compute information on to get a realistic idea of the actual costs involved in planning for such a momentous occasion.

5. Wedding Venue Budget Template

Wedding Venue Budget Template

Designed by Spreadsheet Daddy

One of the significant expenses of planning a wedding is the venue. It can be easy to get caught up in the fanfare of the venue without remembering the most important details; this is where the wedding venue budget calculator by Spreadsheet Daddy can come in handy, allowing you to jot down venue contact information as well as cost per head and any other pertinent information that could end up influencing your wedding budget dramatically.

6. Detailed Wedding Budget Template

Detailed Wedding Budget Template

Designed by Vertex42

The devil is in the detail. This saying couldn’t be truer when planning for your big day, especially where your budget is concerned. The Detailed Wedding Budget Template by Vertex42 is a detailed wedding template that can be saved as a Google spreadsheet, ready for whenever you need to access it.

This budget will ensure that no detail slips your attention. It will help you to accommodate and cover all the necessary expenditures by showing you an estimated and actual value so that you know in which areas to make up for financially.

7. Wedding Budget Checklist Template

Wedding Budget Checklist Template

Designed by Spreadsheet Daddy

If you prefer to see things neatly categorized into tabular formats, the wedding planning checklist by Spreadsheet Daddy should be helpful. It may also be easier to see where your hard-earned money is going with this simple yet effective spreadsheet that also serves as a wedding planner regarding what to plan for financially at each stage of the wedding planning process.

The Wedding Budget Checklist Template will also help you keep on top of all those additional expenses that might not otherwise be remembered if not for it being broken down and categorized accordingly.

8. Wedding Budget Planner Template

Wedding Budget Planner Template

Designed by The Knot

This free Google sheet, which is also available in Excel format, is as interactive as they come. The Wedding Budget Planner template by the Knot also gives you the opportunity to see how certain scenarios play out if you have a strict budget or if you have one with a little more leeway. Insert your budget and let the smart formulas predict the outcome, saving you time and money by not having to work it all out manually yourself.

9. Wedding Gifts and Favors Budget Template

Wedding Gifts and Favors Budget Template

Designed by Spreadsheet Daddy

Wedding favors give that special touch to any wedding. As tokens of appreciation given to the wedding party for their support on your speculation day, this is one wedding detail that should be given extra attention to. The Wedding Gifts and Budget Template will help you plan for this by helping you keep a record of potential vendors of wedding gifts and favors, their capacity to deliver these special items, as well as the costs involved so that you can choose wisely at the end of the day.

10. Wedding Budget Photography Template

Wedding Budget Photography

Designed by Michelle Rago

Your photography budget will also need to be carefully considered, as professional photographers charge for their services differently. For example, you may be able to purchase an all-inclusive package that includes the wedding album, the engagement shoot as well as x number of prints. The Wedding Budget Photography Template allows you to jot down vital details like these to encourage you to go for the most value-for-money deals available.

11. Bridal Shower Budget Template

Bridal Shower Budget Template

Designed by Easy Event Planning

The Bridal Shower Budget Template by Easy Event Planning is an easy-to-access Google template that takes care of costs pertaining to making sure your bridal shower is as epic as can be – without breaking the bank. Since the bridal shower party is usually a combined effort, you can even share the spreadsheet with another wedding planner to ensure there is cohesiveness in terms of the ‘who pays’ column so that no pre-wedding celebration detail is left to chance.


Can I create a wedding budget template in Google Sheets?

Of course, you can! Better yet, if you’re a wedding planner, why not use a predesigned template that is populated with most of the information you need, together with populated formulas that’ll help you plan for these expenses down to the last cent?

What should be included in a wedding budget spreadsheet? 

A wedding budget spreadsheet should ideally include the ‘big’ expenses, such as the cost of the reception, including the cake, the venue, food, drinks, and decor. Other costs to pay close attention to include the bridal and bridal party attire, photography, music, flowers, and wedding favors. Checking these off the list will ensure you have your main priorities covered.

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