The SpreadsheetDaddy Index

Have you wondered whether you’re proficient in Excel and Google Sheets? The SpreadsheetDaddy Index aggregates millions of keywords typed in Google to give to the data-driven answer.

Our Data & Methodology

We’ve analyzed 5,820,565 keywords searched in Google using Ahrefs, a professional keyword research solution, to uncover the top 10 tasks Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets users don’t know how to do.

CountryKeyword Analyzed (Microsoft Excel)Keyword Analyzed (Google Sheets)
The United States4,037,510356,593
The United Kingdom532,17343,500
New Zealand78,59811,182

As for our methodology, we processed all the keywords in the Ahrefs database containing either “Excel” or “Google Sheets.”

Once there, the monthly search volume data was extrapolated across the past twelve month to get a clearer picture of the tasks in Excel and Google Sheets that search engine users struggle with.

We took into account that different keyword variations have their own search volume— “merge cells excel” and “how to merge cells in excel” are deemed to be different keywords. Ahrefs has a separate metric called Traffic Potential to take that factor into account, and we factored that in to prevent data from being skewed.

Top 10 Tasks That Most People Don’t Know How to Do in Excel & Google Sheets

Here are the top 10 tasks users want to learn how to do in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets separated by country.

Key Takeaways - The Editor's Picks

  1. VLOOKUP is the most popular function both in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets, ranking #1 across all the countries analyzed.
  2. A Gantt chart is the most searched chart type both for Excel and Google Sheets users.
  3. Microsoft Excel seems to have an overwhelmingly larger user base in comparison to Google Sheets (5,335,855 vs. 484,710 keywords across all the countries analyzed).
  4. When it comes to formatting, merging cells, highlighting duplicates, freezing rows, and applying conditional formatting consistently rank in the top 10 across the board.
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