How to☝️ Create A 3-D Pie Chart in Excel


3-D Pie Chart Template – Free Download

A 3-D pie chart is a graph plotted on three-dimensional space. 3-D charts look a lot more visually appealing than their “flat” 2-D counterparts, making them a great tool to add to your Excel belt.

And today, you will learn how to build this 3-D pie graph by following just a few simple steps:

How to create a 3-D chart in Excel free template

4 Simple Steps to Build a 3-D Pie Chart

Before we begin, consider the table we’re going to use to build our graph:

3-D Pie Chart Data Table

The data in the table is pretty self-explanatory, so move on to the nitty-gritty. Here’s the easiest way to create a 3-D pie chart:

  1. Select any cell in the data table (A1:A6).
  2. Switch to the Insert tab.
  3. Choose “Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart.
  4. Click “3-D Pie.
Insert 3-D pie chart

Just a few clicks are your 3-D chart is ready to go:

A simple 3-D circle chart in Excel

How to Customize a 3-D Pie Chart

Technically, you’re all set. But why settle for less? Stay tuned to learn how to spruce up your chart a bit with a drop of spreadsheet magic to make your 3-D chart pleasing to the eye.

Create Data Labels

Let’s start with adding data labels to illustrate the actual values represented by each of the slices.

Right-click on your 3-D pie graph and click “Add Data Labels.

Add data labels to the 3-D chart
  1. Go to the Label Options tab.
  2. Check the “Category Name” box to display the names of the categories along with the actual market share data.
Select Category Name

Recolor the Slices

Next stop: changing the color of the slices.Double-click on the slice you want to recolor and select “Format Data Point.

Select Format Data Point
  1. Hit the “Fill & Line” button.
  2. Click “Fill Color” and recolor the slice in green.
Recolor a slice of the 3-D chart

Add 3-D Formatting

Finally, let’s add some 3-D effects to make our chart even more aesthetically appealing.

  1. In the Format Data Series task pane, navigate to the Effects tab.
  2. Under “Top bevel,” select “Cutout.
  3. Under “Bottom bevel,” choose “Cutout” as well for the sake of consistency.
  4. Under “Material,” pick “Metal” from the options available.
Apply 3-D effects

As you can see, building impressive 3-D pie charts is laughingly easy once you know every step of the process. Over to you.

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