How to☝️ Create a Half Pie Chart in Excel

Excel Half Pie Chart Template – Free Download

A half pie chart (also known as a semicircle or half-moon chart) is a 180-degree version of a basic pie graph that illustrates the relative sizes of data. This brief guide will teach you how to quickly create this half pie chart in Excel:

How to create a pie chart in Excel

Sample Data

Consider this simple table containing the sales of a fictitious clothing store sorted by category:

Pie chart data table

Now, let’s get down to business.

Step 1. Add a Dummy Data Series

The whole trick here is to create a dummy data series that will take up half of a full pie chart and make that slice invisible to get exactly what we’re looking for.

To do that, start with setting up a dummy data series that contains the sum of all of the actual values in your data table by using the SUM formula.

  1. Type “Total” into A7.
  2. Enter “=SUM(B2:B6)” into B2.
Use the SUM function

Step 2. Create a Simple Pie Chart

The chart data is ready to go, meaning it’s time to build a regular pie chart.

  1. Highlight the expanded data table (A1:B7).
  2. Go to the Insert tab.
  3. Click “Insert Pie or Doughnut Chart.
  4. Hit the “Pie” button.
Create a regular pie chart

Here’s what you should end up with by the end of this step.

Simple Excel pie chart

Step 3. Hide the Dummy Series

Your next step is to make the dummy series invisible, effectively getting a half pie chart.

  1. Double-click on Series “Total” represented by the largest slice of the pie chart.
  2. Click the “Fill” button.
  3. Pick white from the color palette.
Hide the dummy series

Here’s the result:

Half pie chart in excel free template

Step 4. Rotate the Half Pie Chart

Technically, you’re good to go, but if you want to rotate the half-moon chart to make it a bit more accessible, here’s how you do that.

Right-click on your half pie chart and select “Format Data Series” from the menu that pops up.

Format Data Series in Excel
  1. Switch to the Series Options tab.
  2. Change “Angle of first slice” to “270°” or “90°.”
Rotate the half pie chart

Step 5. Clean up the Chart Legend

Finally, remove the legend label related to the hidden slice of the pie chart. To do that, right-click on the label that reads “Total” and click “Delete” to erase it.

Remove the legend item linked to the dummy series

Check out the final result – once you have finished the last step, your semicircle chart is ready to go.

How to create a pie chart in Excel
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