How to☝️ Add a Button in Excel

To add a button in Microsoft Excel, go to the Developer tab, choose the Insert option, and select the type of button you need. Draw the button and click OK in the Macro dialog box. Add the name of the tab if it is necessary.

In this article, we’ll go through the process of making a button in detail. Follow along so you don’t miss anything!

Method 1: Using the Developer Menu

Difficulty: Beginner

Time Estimate: 15 seconds

1. Navigate to the Developer tab.

2. Select the Insert option.

3. Pick the Button form.

Using the Developer Menu

4. Draw the button where you need it on your spreadsheet.

5. In the Macro dialog box, click OK.

Macro dialog box

6. Right-click on the button.

7. Choose Edit Text and enter the text you want on the button itself.

Edit Text

Here is how your button should look:

Calculate Button

Method 2: Using the Insert Menu

Difficulty: Beginner

Time Estimate: 20 seconds

1. Navigate to the Insert tab.

2. Select the Shapes option.

3. Choose the shape you want for your button.

Using the Insert Menu

4. Draw the shape where you want the button placed.

5. Right-click on the shape.

6. Pick the Edit Text option.

Edit Text option

7. Type the text you want for your button.

8. Right-click on the button.

9. Select the Assign Macro option.

Assign Macro

10. For the destination (“Macros in”), choose This Workbook.

11. Click OK.


Voila! You have done it!

Calculate Tab

Adding a Button in Excel FAQs

If you have further queries regarding adding buttons to your Excel spreadsheet, read on for the answers to some common questions so you can create buttons with confidence and ease.

How to Add the Developer Tab in Excel

Generally by default, the Developer tab is not activated in Excel. Thankfully, the process to add it to the task ribbon is fairly simple. To add the Developer tab, right-click on the menu ribbon and choose Customize the Ribbon.

How to Add the Developer Tab in Excel

Next, check the Developer option in the list and click OK.

Developer option

How to Calculate with a Button

To calculate using a button, click on the cell where you need the result, go to the Formula bar, type the formula you need, and press the button to do the calculation.

How to Calculate with a Button

What Are the Benefits of Creating a Button in Excel?

There are many benefits to adding buttons to your Excel document. Buttons can make your spreadsheet more user-friendly and easier to navigate. They can also automate tasks, such as printing or emailing your workbook. Plus, buttons are a great way to add some personality to your spreadsheet!

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