How to☝️ Create a Win-Loss Sparkline Chart in Excel

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A win-loss sparkline chart is a series of tiny graphs inside worksheet cells that demonstrate a trend or pattern in your data. The sparklines show positive and negative changes over a given period of time.

The goal of the chart is to provide a quick overview of your data set as well as to help you gain more valuable insights for data-driven decisions. And the beauty of it is that it takes only a few laughingly simple steps to create this types of in-cell charts in Excel.

In this quick-and-dirty guide, you will learn how to create a win-loss sparkline chart in Excel in just a few minutes.

Sample Data

To show you the ropes, we need some sample data to work with. Here’s a simple data set (A1:E12) illustrating the revenue growth rates of a fictitious company across multiple countries:

Armed with this data, let’s build a simple win-loss chart.

1. Create a Helper Column

To make sure your win-loss graph is easy to analyze, set up a helper column (column F) adjacent to the data set where the chart will be stored.

how to make a win loss chart in excel

2. Create the Sparklines

Once your helper column is set up, use the sparklines feature to build the graph by doing the following:

  1. Go to the “Insert” tab.
  2. Select “Win/Loss Sparkline.
win loss graph excel

In the dialog box that pops up, add the data to the equation:

  • For the “Data Range” field, highlight the actual values (B2:E12).
  • For the “Location Range” field, select the cell range where you want the chart to be displayed (F2:F12).
win loss chart in excel

When you do that, the blank cells in column F will be filled with the sparklines illustrating the positive or negative change in revenue for each row.

win loss graph in excel

3. Spruce up Your Win-Loss Chart

Conventionally, we use green for positive and red for negative. So, to make your graph easier to skim through, change its color scheme by following these simple steps:

  1. Select your win-loss chart.
  2. Navigate to the “Design” tab.
  3. Choose the chart style that best fits your needs.
create win loss chart in excel

Finally, your Excel win-loss chart is ready to go. Now you know how to efficiently review your data with just a few quick clicks!

excel win loss chart
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