How to☝️ Add Units To Cells In Excel

Sometimes you might want to add units to cells in Excel. 

While doing that manually might be a pretty time-consuming task, leveraging the ways we’re going to show you in this post will help you easily pull off the task – no matter how large your data set is.

Stick around to learn how to add units to cells in excel in two simple ways.

Method #1: Format Cells

This is the easiest way to add a unit of measure to each if you don’t want to use formulas.

1. Highlight a column list you want to add units.

2. Right-click to select “Format Cells…”.

select format cells

3. In the “Format Cells” dialog box, switch to the “Custom” tab.

4. Type “$”0 into the “Type” field.

5. Click “OK.” 

format cells type box

Congrats! You’ve just added units to all of your selected cells. 

added units to cells

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Method #2: The Formula

If you’re looking for a quick method to add units to your cells, you can do that by using a simple formula.

1. Select any empty cell next to your data set (B1).

2. Type =”$”&A1 into B1.

3. Drag the fill handle to copy the formula into the rest of the cells.

add units using a formula

Congratulations! In this tutorial, you’ve learned how to add units to cells in Excel!

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